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Harko Valet Parking Services is a valet parking company in Kurdistan. The company provides services related to signage, claim tickets, key podiums locking, and equipment for the flow of guest traffic; and parking 

lot management, pressure washing services for parking lots and parking garage structures, and auto detailing 

services. It provides services for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resorts, malls, night clubs, reception centers, 

corporate offices, country clubs, and special events. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Erbil 

City, Kurdistan.

HVP started with one restaurant in 2014 and has since then added many other restaurants around the Erbil 

City, hotels, hospitals, entertainment clubs, shopping centers and other corporations to its lengthy list of premier locations it services. HVP use the latest technologies to digitize parking management and guidance systems in order to effectively track, monitor and manage, optimize resource and enhance costumer experience. 

Whatever parking or staffing needs you may have, Harko Valet Parking is here to serve you:


Hotel Valet/Shuttle

• Hospital Valet/Parking

• Restaurant Valet and Front Door

• Shopping Malls

• Special Events

• Membership Clubs

• Private Parties

• Auto Dealerships


Valet Parking services include

Car Park Equipment & Management System 

• Valet Parking Systems (Smart Valet)

• Personal Driver Services

• Signage

• Claim tickets

• Locking key podiums

• Professional uniforms

• Any other equipment required for your location in order to ensure an efficient flow of guest traffic.

• Valet & Parking Management Services for Events


Our Services

Harko Valet Parking can offer valet service for your place of business or for your special event. We are a full-service, turnkey valet company. Regardless of where you need us, H.V.P can configure the best parking scenario, offer your clientele superior customer service, and guarantee satisfaction.Leave the parking to the professionals. Our employees are thoroughly trained and ready to serve you. Rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands with H.V.P! With an average of 30,000 vehicles parked each month, H.V.P is serious about taking excellent care of every vehicle.We provide professional, well-groomed, uniformed Parking Attendants. Our staff consists of male parking attendants. All of our Valet Attendants have been trained to provide Superior Customer Service. We pride ourselves in the professionalism each and every one of our Valet Parking staff provides at our events.


Our Team

Our trained and professional valets provide front door service with a warm smile, eye contact, and a professional image, going the extra mile with unique and personal experiences that make your guest feel valued. We are stewards of customer loyalty.Your guests and clients are our priority. Know that your guests and clients will be greeted by our well trained and professional staff of valet associates. H.V.P employees are trained to exceed expectations.


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