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About FSS Frias Secuirty Service

Fss Security is one of the Kurdish largest 100% Kurd-owned and operated, registered security company. The corporate head office is located in Erbil, and the company has branch offices in Duhok and other city and towns.

Our management team is led by highly-experienced, former Army leaders who establish and maintain our high corporate standards. Our dedicated team leaders are highly-trained and dependable with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect clients in all environments, including:

►  Office building/residential security

► Risk transport

► Close protection private security; and

►  Site security. 

In our state-of-the-art control room, our operations staff can monitor in real time all areas where access control is necessary. The control room is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is in communication with our guards at all times. Additionally, the control room tracks all of our vehicles and clients through an advanced tracking system, furthering our ability to ensure client safety. All of our drivers are trained and certified, have extensive knowledge of local customs and traditions, and are intimately familiar with the geography of the areas where we operate. 

For the past several years, we have provided security packages that are customized to clients specifications.  Our professional delivery of services in a disciplined and purposefully understated fashion has been extremely successful in keeping our clients and their property safe and secure. Furthermore, Harko Security Company focuses on detail that will bring your company to the forefront in your industry and it will add value to your company by providing you more than a deterrent; we will provide that first impression and customer service that will set your company ahead of your competition.

Call us at FSS Security Services and let us show you how we make the difference in the service we provide.

Security Guard Services - 24 / 7

Our guard services are available 24 hours a day for all types of businesses. We provide services for companies ranging from property management firms to construction sites. 

FSS Security Services is capable of providing security guards at a moment’s notice. Harko’s employees are customer-oriented professionals, fully uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done right. Our guard force is well trained in security policy and procedures. In addition, they are trained to provide superior customer service, making an outstanding first impression with your customers. We train our security guards to do more than deter, detect and report. We train them to be a concierge, receptionist, and representative of your company. Each officer has a chain of command reaching to the executive vice president of our company. 

Mission , Vision & Core Values.

FSS Security’s mission is to exceed our clients specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional private security services based on trust and confidence.

FSS Security Agency’s vision is to be the most professional security leader in the industry by exceeding our customers’ expectations and creating client-agency working partnerships, while valuing each and every employee.

We believe in the following Values:

Ø  Treat all clients with dignity and respect

Ø  Honesty and Loyalty

Ø  Professional Conduct

Ø  Quality Customer Services

Ø  Uphold PSIRA requirements and National Legislations

Service Offering

We offer a variety of services which are carried out by well-trained, equipped and motivated personnel. They are monitored on hourly basis by line supervisors. Our services are as follows:

Guarding Security Service:

1. Guarding (Armed and Unarmed security officers)

2. Private investigations

3. V.I.P Protection, Close protection or special services

4. Security Officer ( If You need Security Officer with Dog handler)

5.Banking security

6. Ex-Service Men

7. Mobile Squad

8. Escort Duty Guards

9. Lady Searchers & Supervisors

10. Security Planning & Advice

11. Events


Staff Recruitment

With regards to staff recruitment and placement a company policy places a strong emphasis on the critical employer aspect like:

1. Suitable relevant educational standard and experience

2. Appropriate age

3. Physical fitness

4. Promotional and motivational aspects

5. Registration with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)

6. Security clearances

7. Possession of Security Training Certificates.

8. Staff must be numerate, computer literate and able to read, write and communicate in Kurdish and other official languages that are commonly used in the area of operations.

9. Management and supervisors must be able to read, write Kurdish and understands mathematical figures and must be computer literate.

10. All staff is uniformed in line with the image of our clients (if required).

11. All staff should undergo induction and refresher training programs.

12. Staff will be provided with transport and accommodation next to the sites.



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